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Making guy friends as an adult is hard. 



Welcome to The Guy Talk Co.

We're a Nationwide Men's Community bringing guys together to Do Cool Stuff and Have Meaningful Conversations.

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New to town? Visiting for work?
It shouldn't be so damn hard to find high-quality, like-minded guy friends near you.
The Guy Talk Co. is a community of men across the country.

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Let's be real: It's hard to make high-quality guy friends as an adult.

As a Member, you'll be surrounded by an entire crew of like-minded guys who have your back.

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Our Members know what it really means to "man up."

We take ownership of our life and talk about the hard sh*t we all deal with. No more struggling in silence. #GuyTalkAboutIt

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

It's time to stop selling yourself short. Guy Talk Members push each other to get to that next level. 


We hold ourselves to higher standards. We do what we say we we're going to do.


We don't just float through life. We find purpose in doing work that matters.


We believe in physical and mental strength. We are stronger together.

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Grant Mosher
Joe Siragusano
Business Ops
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Community Manager
Will Huntington
HYPE & Podcast
Simon Niblock
Men's Therapist

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From Suicidal Thoughts to a Movement For Men

Our Founder turned his life's lowest point into his life's calling


"Like most men, I pretended it was 'all good.' But it really wasn't.

In late January 2019, right before my 28th birthday, my depression turned into suicidal thoughts and sh*t  got real scary, real fast.

Coming out of that dark place, I knew something had to change...for me, and for men everywhere."

-Grant Mosher, Founder @ Guy Talk